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Founded in March 2016, Dancesport Records is a coming together of two of the most innovative forces in dancesport music today.

Avera and DJ Maksy, both former collaborators with Casa Musica, Dance Life and NDMI (New Dance Music International), have partnered each other to create an exciting musical team to push the envelope of dance sport music.An eclectic mix of skills and taste, they have individually experienced success in both music production and DJ'ing at dance sport competitions across the globe.

Avera has previously released and featured in albums such as Ballroom Butterfly, Latin Discovery, Latin Experience, Latin Good Vibration, Latin Music 11, Latin Nights 2 and Latin Sensation (released by Casa Musica and NDMI).

DJ Maksy has previously released and featured in The Ballroom Remixes Vol 1, Latin Experience, Latin Good Vibration, The Latin Remixes Vol 1 & 2 and Martini Rhythm (released by DanceLife and NDMI).

The enviable track records of both Avera and DJ Maksy make a set of unique experiences to be drawn upon to create amazing tracks that will be the soundtrack of dancesport competitions throughout the world. Dancesport Records - the music the world dances to.


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